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Fire brings forth Earth. The power of Earth becomes vigorous. Wave after wave of power surged into him through his feet. In that instant, Wang Zheng felt like he could move the heavens and earth themselves.


However, this was not of much use. The Runic Matrix appeared at Mu Zhens foot. Purple lightning shot. An Imprisonment Cage had already shrouded Mu Zhen.


Anyone interested in the SIG had begun to find ways to travel to Aslan. Although not everyone qualified as a student, there were still invitations from the embassies, were there not? This was a political economic qualification.


Regardless of what the future may hold, and what changes there may be, Wang Zheng would not know, but he was full of expectations as Achilles was his brother!


Looking at the deep forest, Yuan Jing whistled. Behind the seemingly contemptuous look was a hidden cautiousness against Xie Yuxin. How can you be certain that the thorns will not attack us? Also, the exchange office that you were talking about, is it really in there? Is it really only in there that we can cancel the mission of the tracker?


Wang Zheng smiled. He could feel that girls like her were flowers in the greenhouse. They were clever, and had a good heart, but were on a different class from him. His future was full of challenge and killings. It was a path full of thistles. Any who wanted to be his friend had to be like Ai Xiaolu. Without the right frame of mind, they would get hurt.

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Lin Hong breathed out in relief. Aslan people had to dare to fight. If they did not even dare to challenge, then they were really representatives of cowardice.


There was a suffocating atmosphere in the battlefield. Not advancing to the semi-finals did not necessarily mean that lady luck was not smiling on them. In fact, from a certain aspect, it was good fortune not to be in the semi-finals, because confronting such an opponent meant staring at reincarnation every minute.


Sweeney came out, coldly looking at Anluda. The whole place was abuzzed with discussions. This truly was thoroughly embarrassing. They did not expect there to be such a mentally weak fellow in SIG’s top 16 battle.


Relying on the energy wall, Locatelli could virtually move in stealth mode like the shadows.


Although Wang Zheng was clearly at a big disadvantage, not just anybody could reap it.


Lin Hong breathed out in relief. Aslan people had to dare to fight. If they did not even dare to challenge, then they were really representatives of cowardice.


This SIG could be the last chance for them to battle together. In fact, this could be the last battle. All things must come to an end. Lie Xin was not a sentimental person, but she felt somewhat emotional thinking about this. What else was left in life?



This was not what the generals were considering. In the Atlantean army, the mecha such as the Phantom King and the Specter King were very rare, commonly known as high-end and special. The runic mecha were such conventional mecha.



Almost immediately, Fatty’s whole body was drenched thoroughly. A suffocating fear came through. If he lost, the Dynasty battle team would be finished. Upon thinking of Lear’s look, it would be like the end of the world for Luo Fei.


Sarabujal nodded his head. It is easy for an individual to be strong, but to make the whole team strong, he is indeed capable.


He hoisted Qiankun Zadeh up, and Di Maria had already pulled his titanium blade. At this time, there was no more talk of rules.

  • The real phantom king. Interswitching between illusion and real. Using the Phantom King, which Atlantis was best at, and finishing off his opponent.
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